“OLD DOMINION” – 14,000 LT Capacity Dock

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In 2000, the pontoon and lower wing walls of the “OLD DOMINION” steel floating dry dock were completely redesigned and rebuilt after sustaining extensive damage.

HEGER developed design parameters and provided complete design drawings and specifications for the rebuilt pontoon and lower wing wall structure. The pontoon was redesigned to improve structural characteristics. The dock was designed to meet the requirements of the US Navy’s MIL-STD 1625C and the American Bureau of Shipping for lifting vessels displacing up to 14,000 long tons.

The dock pontoon was constructed in Romania and delivered to Metro Machine in 2000. It is now owned and operated by at BAE Ship Repair.

HEGER continues to provide maintenance inspections to support the NAVSEA certification of the facility.

14000 Long Ton Capacity Floating Dry Dock Schematic
Figure 1 – Dock Plan View
14000 Long Ton Capacity Floating Dry Dock Cross Section Schematic
Figure 2 – Dock Cross Section
14000 ton capacity floating dry dock
Figure 3 – “OLD DOMINION” – 14,000 LT Capacity Dock
“DIVER” – 1,000 LT Capacity Dock