We provide a range of services relating to the dry docking of vessels from dock design to expert testimony.

Engineering & Design

Complete design drawings and specifications for floating drydocks, graving drydock caisson gates, and vessel transfer-launch systems.

Shipyard Planning & Dock Selection

Assistance with pier/wharf layout for drydock placement, selecting the best type and size of drydock to fit site restrictions, customer specific capabilities/access needs, laydown areas and vessels to be serviced.

Drydock Inspections & Certifications

Drydock Inspections & Certifications

HEGER provides support with ‘Control Inspections’ that are required on NAVSEA certified docks in accordance with MIL-STD 1625 & UFC requirements, and Commercial inspections and certifications in accordance with the requirements of US Coast Guard SFLC Standard Spec 8634.

US Navy MIL-STD 1625 FCRs

US Navy MIL-STD 1625 FCRs

Assistance with preparation or updates of Facility Certification Report required by the US Navy under MIL-STD 1625, for all drydocks currently under, or intending to be, in the NAVSEA drydocks program.

A view from under the docked vessel for docking of US Navy frigate

Docking/Launch Calculations

HEGER provides engineering support to customers bidding/docking US NAVY, USCG or MSC vessels. Stability calculations, block loading calculations, hurricane & earthquake overturning calculations, pumping plans, etc. can be prepared as needed, based on NSTM Ch997 and other relevant standards.

Finite Element Analysis

Using FEMAP with NX Nastran solver, considered one of the most widely accepted finite-element analysis methods in the industry and by ABS, HEGER provides detailed stress and buckling analysis of drydock related structures.

Floating Dock Mooring Design

Floating Dock Mooring Design

Design of fixed mooring systems for floating drydocks. HEGER specializes in quick-disconnect type mooring system designs that are greatly advantageous in situations where the drydock has to be disconnected from the pier, and translated out to deeper waters for submergence operations.

Vessel Handling Trolley System Design

HEGER specializes in design of vessel handling trolley systems for floating & graving drydocks. These systems can also be designed with winches, as hauling systems.

Accident Investigations & Expert Testimonies

Subject matter expert for floating and graving drydock related issues. Root cause analysis of drydock-related accidents, design of emergency repairs, assistance with salvage operations, and development of procedures to dock/undock damaged vessels and/or docks.

Courses & Seminars

HEGER offers SNAME accredited ‘Dockmaster’s Training’ seminars and custom courses, upon request. Seminars can be held at customer’s chosen site, or remotely via Teams/Zoom.