“EVOLUTION” – 22,000 LT Capacity

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In 2017, VIGOR purchased a 640-ft long by 148-ft wide used steel floating dry dock on the world market. The dock was originally constructed in 2006 by COSCO DALIAN SHIPYARD CO., LTD in Dalian China. After construction, the dock was sold to HANA CAPITOL in South Korea where it was used as a transfer facility for 11-years prior to VIGOR’s acquisition.

Prior to VIGOR’s acquisition, HEGER was tasked with evaluating the dock to determine its operational capabilities considering its current condition after a decade of use. The engineering analysis was critical in determining if the dock was worth purchasing and if the dock could ultimately serve its intended use.

Once the dock was purchased and transported to China for overhaul, HEGER was tasked with providing engineering support for modifying the dock such that it would be certifiable under MIL-STD 1625D requirements and fully operational at VIGOR’s shipyard facility in Seattle, WA for the targeted vessel market. Design vessels included DDG-51, CG-47, and LCS-2 class vessels.

HEGER worked with VIGOR to provide a comprehensive dock overhaul package which specified all required modifications, such as a new mooring system, demolition of unnecessary dock components, keel line strengthening, a new blocking system, a wash water collection system, general hull strengthening, facility improvement, etc.

22000 LT Floating Dock plan view schematic
Figure 1 – Dock Plan View
22000 LT Floating Dock Cross Section Schematic
Figure 2 – Dock Cross Section

After completion of modifications at QINGDAO BEIHAI SHIPBUILDING HEAVY INDUSTRY CO., LTD (BSIC), the dock was delivered to Seattle aboard a heavy lift vessel and put into service in March of 2018.

Delivery of the 22000 LT Floating Dock Aboard Heavy Lift Vessel
Figure 3 – Delivery of Dock via Heavy Lift Vessel

The dock currently maintains a commercial certification, issued by HEGER, for docking vessels displacing up to 22,000 long tons and a NAVSEA certification for docking US NAVY vessels displacing up to 15,000 LT.

“HO’OLA I NA MOKU” – 7,500 LT Capacity
“SPEEDE” – 40,000 LT Capacity