Transfer and Launch of JHSV

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Transfer and Launch of JHSV

In 2013 HEGER worked with AUSTAL USA to develop transfer and Launch senarios for the Navy’s new Joint High Speed Vessel.

Heger provided mooring configurations for the transfers of the vessel onto various barges, and pumping plans for different launching options.

In addition, HEGER provided on-site inspections of launch facilities and structural analysis of launch facilities for SPMT and block loads.

JHSV being transferred onto Barge -- Joint High Speed Vessel
Figure 1 – JHSV Being Transferred onto Barge
JHSV being transferred onto Barge, second stage -- Joint High Speed Vessel
Figure 2 – JHSV Transfer Second Stage
JHSV Transfer 3 loading onto barge
Figure 3 – JHSV Transfer Stage 3
JHSV Transfer 4 loading onto barge
Figure 4 – JHSV Transfer Stage 4
Transfer and Launch of Tension Leg Platform
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