Launch of SWATH Agor Vessel

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In 1998 HEGER was hired by Atlantic Marine, Jacksonville (Now BAE Systems Southeast), to assist with the launch of the SWATH vessel ‘Agor’. The vessel was to be end launched on their 3,000 ton capacity launch way.

HEGER designed high towers to support swath vessel during launch. HEGER analyzed launch car wheel loads and poppet car load to verify they were within the capacity of the launch rails, recommended the location of launch cars and calculated maximum drafts during launch to verify clearance of mud line.

The vessel was successfully launched in 2001.


Swath Launch Video

Launch of SWATH AGOR Vessel
Figure 1 – Launch of SWATH Agor


SWATH AGOR Supported on Launch Towers Schematic
Figure 2 – SWATH AGOR Supported on Launch Towers Schematic
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