Jumboizing of Noble Roger Eason

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In 2012, HEGER was asked by Keppel FELS in Brazil to assist in an extreme retrofitting of the Deepwater Drilling Exploration vessel, Noble Roger Eason. The operation took place in three phases.

The vessel was docked in the yard’s floating dock.

Noble Roger Eason in dock before Jumboizing
Figure 1 – Noble Roger Eason in Dock Before Jumboizing

The vessel’s aft end and sponsons were removed.

Noble Roger Eason with aft end removed, ready for new aft end.
Figure 2 – Noble Roger Eason with Aft End Removed, Ready for New Aft End.

The dock was then partially submerged on a trim, allowing the new aft section to be docked in–position, without undocking the forward end of the vessel.

New aft section in place for the Jumboizing of Noble Roger Eason
Figure 3 – New Aft Section in Place

The new sponsons and new cranes were then added before the vessel was undocked.

Noble Roger Eason at full size in dry dock
Figure 4 – Noble Roger Eason at Full Size
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