8,600 LT Capacity Submersible Barge with Transfer

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In 2015, HEGER designed an all steel, 8,600 long ton capacity semi-submersible barge for dry docking vessels. The barge is also designed as an unmanned ocean transportation barge with a cargo capacity of 5,500 long tons.The barge was designed to meet the requirements of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

The barge was designed as a transfer and launch barge. Vessels built upon shore were intended to be transferred longitudinally to the barge using SPMTs. Once the vessel was transferred to the barge, the SPMTs could set the vessel down on blocks. The barge could then be towed to a submergence berth to launch the vessel.

8600 Long Ton Semi-Submersible Barge with Transfer Schematic
Figure 1 – Barge General Arrangement
8600 Long Ton Semi-Submersible Barge with Transfer Cross Section Schematic
Figure 2 – Barge Cross Section

The barge design included naval architecture evaluations, structural designs, equipment sizing, layouts and schematics for various mechanical and electrical components. The dock design package included design drawings, specifications, and an operating manual with architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and HVAC details. The design was taken to the 30% stage for cost estimates.

The semi-submersible barge has not yet been constructed.

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