15,000 LT Capacity Dock

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In 2016, HEGER designed a generic steel floating drydock with the capability of lifting vessels displacing up to 15,000 long tons. The dock was designed to meet the requirements of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and MIL-STD 1625D(SH). The design vessel for the dock was considered to be the DDG-51 class.

Heger generic 15K long ton floating dock schematic
Figure 1 – Dock Plan View
Heger generic 15K long ton floating dock cross section schematic
Figure 2 – Dock Cross Section

The floating drydock design included naval architecture evaluations, structural designs, equipment sizing, layouts and schematics for various mechanical and electrical components. The dock design package included design drawings, specifications, and an operating manual with architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and HVAC details.

Notable outfitting items included a quick-disconnect type mooring system, vehicle access bridge, communication bridge, aprons, utility services, wingwall cranes (not designed by HEGER), various collection tanks, etc.

The dock has not yet been constructed.

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