We provide a range of services relating to the dry docking of vessels from dock design to expert testimony.


Complete design drawings and specifications for floating docks, basin dock gates (including foster and caisson gates), launchways and transfer systems. All drawings are produced in the latest AutoCAD format.

Dock Selection

Assistance with selecting the best type and size of dock to fit a particular site and vessel class.

Floating Dock Mooring Design

Design of mooring grippers and slides to hold the dock in any weather condition. A quick release type mooring is available for instances where the dock must be moved in and out of the mooring grippers on a regular basis.


Inspections can be conducted according to the U.S. Navy MIL-STD-1625(D)SH for inclusion in the U.S. Navy Facility Certification Report or according to the US Coast Guard SFLC Standard Spec 8634. The engineers at Heger have conducted over 400 inspections of marine railways, floating docks, basin docks and launchways. This experience provides a tremendous advantage when assessing the condition of existing structures.


We provide certification of the safe lift capacity for floating docks or basin drydock facilities.

US Navy MIL-STD 1625D Facility Certification Report

Assistance with the preparation of the Facility Certification Report required by the U.S. Navy under MIL-STD 1625(D)SH.

USCG SFLC STD Spec 8634 Inspection Report

We provide inspection of facilities and preparation of the report in accordance with the USCG SFLC STD Spec 8634.

Docking Calculations

Vessel stability calculations, block loading calculations, hurricane & earthquake overturning calculations, pumping plans, etc. can be prepared. All calculations are in suitable form for submission to the U.S. Navy or other certifying agencies.

Launching Calculations

Vessel drafts, launchway loadings, poppet loads, etc. can be prepared for vessel launch situations.

Finite Element Analysis

We provide detailed stress and buckling analysis of dry dock related structures on the global and local scale using FEMAP with NX Nastran Solver.

Courses and Seminars

HEGER offers Dockmaster's training seminars and courses upon request. The course is SNAME accredited and introduces important vessel docking concepts such as different dock types, docking plans, ship's docking characteristics, block loading, stability, predicting vessel condition at undocking, block construction, docking procedures, vessel handling, pumping plans, dry dock certifications, dock ratings, dock inspections, and transfer systems.

ASCE Safe Operation and Maintenance of Dry Dock Facilities

Engineers at Heger have an in depth understanding of the ASCE "Safe Operation and Maintenance of Dry Dock Facilities" and are uniquely qualified in performing services for facilities to comply with its requirements.

Accident Investigations

Root cause analysis of dry dock-related accidents, design of emergency repairs, assist with salvage operations, and develop procedures for docking/undocking of damaged vessels and/or docks.

Expert Testimony

Provide expert testimony in cases involving dry docks.